Setting Up Camp

After a long bus ride to our property from the Marion YMCA it was time to set up the camp.  This usually was the last thing on the boys minds after a long trip but it had to be done.  Bart was one boy who must have had some Scouting experience because he went right to work cycling down the ferns that were in the way of our three tent locations.

Once that was done he raked the area well so that there would be a smooth tent floor.  Bob Swearingin and I then set up the three tents while other boys raked the beach and gathering wood for what would be used for our first supper.

Bart, though, went right to work setting up our commode area complete with a tarp around the front section for privacy.  That was probably the least favorite chore but I never had to ask for volunteers as he set right in to do the work.  He seemed to know what needed to be done to mak camp as pleasant as possible. 

And, while the other boys took their first swim in Big Bass Lake, Bart set out to chop more wood for the evening campfire.  He was a dynamo for work that first day at camp.  After that he tended to relax a mite and enjoy the rest of the first evening experience.  What a joy he was to have around that first day.  It made the whole day go a lot smoother. 

Bart was a rather quiet boy but he led by example and was an inspiration to the other boys in that regard.

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