What is a Towhead by Shawn

The other day my aunt tossled my blond hair and called me a cute towhead.  I didn’t know how to take that so I went onto my computer to check out that term.  My research led me to the word being German in origin.  By the way, my name is Shawn and I live in Ludington.  I know Darlene Reynolds and asked her if I could write about this since there are a lot of pictures of blond boys on this website. 

To me, being called a towhead sounds offensive.  I have heard some red heads being referred to as carrot tops but I don’t think I’d like being called that either.  My research was helpful as I found out that towheads  were actually some sort of weaving process using flax.  Certain fibrous plants such as flax or hemp can be woven into cloth, but only after the fibers have been painstakingly combed out and twisted into a usable thread. Part of the combing process yields a tousled mass of light yellow fiber known as tow.  However my hair is not a tousled mass as I keep it well-combed out.

I’d just rather be called what I am and that is a blond boy.  Towhead sounds like something that needs to be towed away.  Boy, am I glad I hae a computer to help me out.  As for my aunt, well, the old gray lady ain’t what she used to be.  But I wouldn’t call my aunt old to her face so why does she have to refer to me as a towhead?  I’m blond nd proud of it!


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