The Calm After the Storm

What a difference a few hours makes at the Ludington breakwater! One hour the lake is churning like crazy and then a few hours later it looks ever so heavenly. My second photograph displays how serene the Ludington Lighthouse can get.  Maybe this is how the phrase “The Calm After the Storm” came to be?

The quiet picture almost looks as if God were giving His lighthouse a display of a heavenly light show.  Those rays of light add much to that picture.  I ever so much enjoy this locale.  My favorite time here is when the fog is lifting over the lake and then out of a fog bank appears the S Badger almost like a eyrie monster out of nowhere. 

The fog gets as thick as pea soup by the Lighthouse so that you can not even make out the Ludington shore.  It’s Mystery Theatre at its best at those times.  So which picture is your favorite of the two?

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