The Bear and The Slashed Fish

On a side trip to the Pere Marquette River just south of Branch, Michigan, the kids of the Marion Boys Club swiftly took off their shoes and socks to go wading in the swift and cold current of that river.  After a time, they began splashing each other and got their clothes quite wet.  Still laughing from their time of frolicking in the water, they dried off their feet and put their socks and shoes back on.

As we walked back toward the place where I had parked the car we ran into three freshly slashed fish which one of the boys from the club wanted to take back to Big Bass Lake with us.  I suggested that we all move on as quickly as possible.  Once back at the car the kids piled in and as we drove off back toward Big Bass Lake I told the boys that mot likely we had interrupted a bear’s snack and were most fortunate that it had heard all the noise the boys were making and moved off to a safe distance. 

It could have also been a raccoon whose meal we had interrupted but that was also no small deal as those critters can also pose a problem when riled.  Steve Jones put it best when h said that we were lucky that time and he was most right.  Yet even for an event that lasted less than a minute it was a most valuable lesson learned for the boys.  By the way, the way the fish were slashed looked to me more like the work of a bear over that of a raccoon so, yes, we were most fortunate that day.

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