A New Sledding Hill at Ward Hills

The new owners of the Ward Hills Ski Area I believe were the Kennedy brothers and their aim was not to redo the ski runs but rather to convert one of them to a sledding hill such as you see here.  On their inactive Facebook page they have several pictures of some night sledding using ore saucers than sleds.

That area was to be renamed “The Lodge” and would have featured live music that could be heard on the slopes via huge loudspeakers.  The large deck could accommodate parties and movies.  There was also a nearby pond with a volleyball area right next to that. 

Yet, at the same time, Mike Reynolds has informed me that there seems to be no weekend activity there for sledding or for anything else.  Perhaps the new owners have changed their minds and will be making that area a place to go to in warm weather?  Or perhaps the mortgage was too high for them and the place is now being ready for sale again? 

Will this new sledding hill now lie fallow until new owners can do something with it?  Time will tell!

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