Here stands the Big Bass Lake store today wih one probable exception that being the fence around it. It is now for sale presumeably to a homeowner but that would require EXTENSIVE work on the building and in all likelihood, it would be razed and something new erected in its place.

Otto Bartlett built that store intially and for a time it served as a residence as well for his wife Ruth and himself. Later it was all store and Otto kept it up well. When he sold it the store went through many owners including Jack Knysz who I knew in the early 1980’s.

Today it stands as a mere shadow to what it once was. At the bottom of the hill behnd it stood a gas pump ready and willing to serve the residents of the lake with a convienant gas service. Built into that hillside were little chair like structures where kids could sit back and watch the doings on the lake.

I doubt if it will ever serve as a store again given the fact that Larry Bender’s store stands just across the street and is doing a brisk business. Yet the memories of that store can be found here on BBL and Beyond for the many generations that grew up using that facility. It will NEVER be forgotten!