While walking trough the Manistee National Forest last year, I came upon a youngster with such beautiful eyes that I snapped his picture. Those eyes could melt butter. He is the male equivalent to the Mona Lisa.  Even now his eyes seem to follow me around my living room.  He even begs to let me know what he’s thinking at that particular moment. 

I’ve taken a lot of pictures of children and adults but this one captivates me.  It makes me think of this boy as somewhat wily.  And, I’ll wager he has his full share of young girls that are trying to capture his attention.  When I asked Mike about the Mona Lisa comparison he almost laughed. 

Later I found Mike returning to this picture for a second look.  Mike thought that this kids parents should be getting him into acting.  I’ve now framed this picture for my den in the basement.  And to this day, those mysterious eyes still follow me everywhere I go in that room.  Yes, that young boy DOES have an enchanting smile. 

I wonder if he lives in our area or was only visiting the area?  Oh well, there’s always the Sauble River outlet that fascinates me nearly as much.