How About More Snowmobile Tubing?

A twelve-year-old girl who lives near us asked me about taking her for a tubing ride. I told her she would have to wait for summer and then she asked what was wrong about a winter tubing ride using my snowmobile. What a novel idea. So I hitched a tow line to the back of my snowmobile and too her on a ride both at a nearby lake as well as on the shores of Lake Michigan just outside Ludington.

The latter was my idea as I wondered why a snowy beachfront wouldn’t work as well as being on a lake?  Aside from some stinging sand being blown up a nasty wind that day everything was great.  We used our scarfs as mufflers to shelter our face from that sand. 

I might have to consider this again but with Darlene as my passenger.  When I told her of the thought she encouraged it but with me as the passenger.  All of a sudden it didn’t seem like all that great of an idea.  I could also see all that snow kicking up in my face.  That might be great for a kid but as for me?  Well???

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