Window View of Big Bass Lake

How about taking in this view every summer morning? What a great location for a house at Big Bass Lake as from the comforts of your living room you could enjoy every water activity at the lake from your recliner.  They would all pass your window each and every day making it seem like your own television set in the wilds.

Windows sure are a selling point for nearly every cottage on the lake.  Our dining room window had a great view of the southwest portion of the lake.  Our cottage had an advantage being located atop a hill.  I could make out both the Haunted and Big Island on the lake. 

Windows on the Big Island, looking north, can take in the northern two most islands.  This island is located just south of the narrows.  And to each side of the Big Island they can view both Haunted and Grandma’s Hat Islands. 

So what kind of view does your home have at Big Bass Lake?  What can you see that others cannot?  Leave us a comment and let us know what your windows take in.

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