Family Reunion

Our 1994 family reunion at our property on Big Bass Lake was over the 4th of July weekend and the weather was more than brisk for that time of year and that is why you see sweaters and jackets on us. This picture was taken on the old logging trail that cuts through the forest section of our property.

In the back I am in the blue jacket and just in front of me is my sister Treva and her boyfriend Charlie. Next to them is Treva’s son Bobby and his girlfriend Julie. Then next to them is my sister Kathy’s three daughters. Blond Sarah is next to Kristen and in the front is Laura. My sister Kathy was taking the picture.

Our entire stay that weekend was rather cool. I was the only one that was brave enough, or stupid enough, to swim at the Manistee Beach but only at the request of my niece’s who wanted a picture of their uncle in Lake Michigan. The sky was very overcast and the lake quite wavy.

I stayed in the water long enought to get a bad cold once we returned to Indiana.

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