M-116 Sand Dunes

What I like best about the large area of sand dunes between Ludington and its State Park is the wide variety of dunes that can be explored. Some come complete with large areas of trees while others are just dunes. I always come prepared with one of my two husky dogs, Frick or Frack, a compass, canteen, and some beef jerky. If I jog without a human companion my wife just calls me jerky.

I like to run up and down the dunes to strengthen my leg muscles.  I’ve heard that members of the Detroit Lions do much the same thing in the off-season.  Going uphill is the best exercise I could give my legs.  Yet I also enjoy my times of pure hiking as I set a good pace for my heart. 

Then in the summer I take an occasional dip into Lake Michigan to cool off.  And, in the winter, that fine sand often become biting as the wind literally picks it up and blows it all over the place.  Thus the M-116 Dunes are a year-long project for me.  Darlene loves to take photographs of them and I like to jog or hike them.  To each their own.  Well, it’s about time for me to leave the house for another jog at those dunes so see you next time I come a posting.

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