That House in the Forest

When Mike and I take our trips into the Manistee National Forest we never know what we’ll find. One day last summer we took a trip down an old sandy road near Luther, Michigan, and decided to take a hike before lunch. About three miles into the forest, we ran across this house in the middle of nowhere.

Immediately my mind begins to wonder about who might have lived there and how long ago? Why would they choose such a desolate site and how did they make a living? I saw no signs of a farm whatsoever. There also were no outbuildings.

Mike suggested that whoever lived there might have used it for a summer house. I could have chosen a better location as there wasn’t even a lake in sight for Mike and I also checked that out. There was not even an inkling of a garden about which made me wonder if only a man dwelled there.

Mike suggested that the hunting in the area might have been better than average seeing as how this house was so far from anything else. The house was locked up with a padlock but as we looked through the windows nothing much was there anyway. An old chair or two that one might have used at a table was all we saw.

Even though I love finding these places in the forest, I often wonder how anyone would find such a place desirable. I’m sure glad my Mike wouldn’t want to live in a place like that for, if he did, he also might have been the only one found to live there. Without my garden I’d be lost. Oh well, time to get back to the car and leave all my questions to the next person that happens by this old place.

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