A Good Down Hill Run

On the eastern side of the Hamlin Dam Bridge in the Ludington State Park, there is a great hill for hiking up and then running down in the summer.  In fact, I wouldn’t want to pass up trying to either snow board or ski this particular hill in the winter.  However, the hill continues to your right near the bottom for another sixty yards or so still downhill. 

If you are bent on skiing or snow boarding this hill, you might want to consider going just straight when you reach that curve.  I have seen grown men hurdle young kids as they hit that blind spot on the hill at the curve, not being able to see around it when they are at full tilt.

If you’re thinking of skiing this hill, you and Lake Michigan will not be joining up as the hill would take you closer to the Big Sable River than the former.  And, with all our recent chatter regarding the Ward Hill Ski Area, why not try this run in the winter instead?  In that way you won’t have to “Watch out for that tree” which you would have to do at Ward Hills.

Sand dunes!  They just aren’t for summer anymore!  Now where did I put my saucer?

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