This was to be the foundation for a warming station atop the Ward Hills Lodge. Yet the Lodge ceased operation of their Facebook page in May of 2010 which leads me to believe their venture, although well intended, fell to the same fate as when owned by Howard Reese.  Reese wanted an affordable skiing option to the area but probably made it “to affordable” and when broke in so doing. 

In 1960, he sold his land to Camp Martin Johnson which owned a summer camp on nearby Big Bass Lake.  Apparently the camp desired  a winter haven to add to its program format.  Ward Hills would not only allow skiing and sledding but hiking opportunities as well. 

When the camp folded in 1976, the land stood fallow until a group of investors purchased it with the intent to have some sort of social club complete with a bar.  Renovations were made to the area at the Lodge itself accommodating itself for partes and the like while additional work was done on the hills.  The plan was more in the line for sledding hills over that of skiing due to the prohibitive cost of insurance.

I wonder what will become of this area now?  Time will tell.