Cottage in the Narrows of Big Bass Lake

What a great vista to view water skiers or jet skiers at Big Bass Lake. The “narrows” are the perfect area as all traffic proceeds through this passage going north or south.  Can you imagine holding a picnic for friends on your picnic table just a few feet from the lake?  And, what a place to observe the Fourth of July Boat Parade.  Within the narrows you are always close to the action.

Imagine stepping out your back door to where you are only a few steps away from your dock.  A paddlebaot at this location could easily explore the shoreline all through the narrows.  On the north end are the twin islands, Four Winds and Turtle, and if you follow the east shoreline you will be at the passage way between Big and Little Bass Lakes in no time flat.

This area is also where Camp Martin Johnson once stood and one can pass his burial site marked by a boulder along this course.  Or encircle Four Winds Island for even more history of that camp.

I really like that enclosed picnic table area.  What a great location for a cottage don’t you think?

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