Visiting Our Property in Winter

The Michigan Highway Department is super as they even clear off the back roads in record time.  However they do manage to push the snow across driveways making the even deeper snow worse in those areas.  Take our old driveway for example.  Our driveway is surrounded by open field and the wind driven snow piles up almost faster than it can be remoed making winter habitation near impossible. 

One winter I took some college friends of mine to our property from Muskegon, where we were staying for a three week off campus course, and I parked the car on Noreika Road on a night where it had just begun snowing.  We walked down to our beach area and it was tough going with the ever increasing snowfall.  I’m glad that I had help that day as it took all of us to push out my car three times getting stuck on Noreika Road before we could get back onto Big Bass Lake Road. 

Getting down our driveway that evening was even worse as all the drifts made walking near impossible.  It wore us all out just gong that hundred yards or so and did not make our return trip back to the car very exciting.  Our property was nice to visit during the winter but not to live there.  Even then our cottage was not winterized.  Though it had a wood buning stove, only the front room and  kitchen would have been liveable.

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