Now-a-days there are about as many jet skis on Big Bass Lake as speedboats and almost every dock has at least one. Often you seem them in pairs moving throughout the lake and darting around the five islands on the lake. I wonder what their top speed is?

I also wonder if a jet ski could tow one of those tubing things?  Are they powerful enough?  And what does one of those things cost?  When I was in the area in 1950-1980 I didn’t see any of those at all so I also wonder what year they became available?

One year I did see a speedboat towing a hang glider.  You could make out the glider from the other side of the Big Island but couldn’t see the boat which was cool.  I wonder if hang gliding is still found on Big Bass Lake today? 

If you own a jet ski on Big Bass Lake leave us a comment with a few answers to our questions.  Thank you!