I’ve said this before, and I shall say so again, Michigan is loaded with roads, both paved and otherwise, within the confines of its national forest system. Each weekend I pick another and my map of all those selections is getting rather full. It seems I’m beginning to go further and further out each week. Last week i found a roadway close to the Traverse City area.

My only criteria for my jaunts is that the road must seemingly go to nowhere.  Of course, that means a full tank of gasoline and a patient wife.  Her main goal on our trips is to provide a spectacular lunch.  We even come equipped with a tent and full supplies in the event we opt to spend an overnight in a great location. 

Darlene likes those romantic evening with just the two of us and millions of mosquitoes.  Thank God for mosquito netting on our tent.  On the whole we each love our weekends in the wilds which we take from mid-April through mid-October almost every weekend.  By my reckoning we hve enough roadways that we’ve never been on to last well into 2018.