Why Aren’t the Fish Biting at Big Bass Lake?

I have a friend who had become very concerned why the fish weren’t biting last summer at Big Bass Lake as they once did.  He was determined to find the cause so he rented some scuba equipment and took his speed boat to the north side of Big Bass Lake where the deepest portion of the lake can be found.

He dropped anchor and jumped overboard into the lake.  I’ve heard that the north side drops off to about sixty feet deep.  He took an underwater light with him to break through the darkness.  After about ten minutes in a deliberate search pattern, he nearly froze in place. 

The reason why stood highlighted in his search beam and left little to grasp as to why the fish had seemingly disappeared at the lake.  They really hadn’t and this is the reason why.  By the way, my friend was never heard from again so this is but mere speculation as to what happened to him on that fateful day.

Any questions?

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