Big Bass Lake Bridge From Noreika Pier

This is the wonderous view from our pier on Big Bass Lake looking eastward. There in the distance is the bridge leading to The Big Island. That bridge was built in 1956 linking that island to the mainland. Just to the left of that bridge was the home of Clyde Waite and that island was first known as Waite Island.  It’s newest name is Isle of the Wilds.

To get to that island from our dock one had to first pass by Haunted Island and then just under that bridge, to your left, is the smallest island, Grandma’s Hat which today is known as Loon Island.  It was a pleasant row from Labor Day to Memorial Day but in the summer one is always dodging speedboaters along the way.

I used to take that course daily as the Big Bass Lake store was just past that bridge to your right.  By the way, does anyone know how many homes are found on The Big Island?  Also the view is quite the same in either direction from the Waite Bridge. 

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