I Guess Farmer’s DON’T Rise So Early Anymore?

One lazy summer morning, Keith Bishop and I, who had camped on our beachfront property the night before, rose at a time we thought was quite prudent to go visiting. We rowed over to the Benish’s dock and proceeded to approach the Benish farmhouse when a dog started barking. Appearing at his cottage door, an outraged Frank Benish shouted, “What are you two nuts doing up at this hour of the day?” Moments later we found out that the hour of the day at hand was 6 am.

Yes, the sun DOES rise early in the eastern time zone State of Michigan. Yet I thought farmers rose earlier than even sunrise?! We had come to see Mr Benish’s grand daughter Julie who we had taken for a lake tour the day before on Big Bass Lake. Needless to say, we didn’t see Julie until much later that afternoon and she came over to my grandmother’s house as neither Keith nor I were all that eager to see Mr. Benish again.

I suppose Mr Frank Benish was the type of farmer that slept in since at the time he had an iinactive farm. A lesson well learned that day.

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