Auto Trips to Our Michigan Property

Starting points on all our Michigan trips either started from Marion, Indiana, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, or Columbus, Ohio. This particular trip was from Marion, Indiana, and one of the difficult things to do was keeping the boys occupied for the 300-mile trip.  For the most part, I preferred Adam’s way of coping with the journey as most of our trips began around 7 AM when the boys were still tired.  Or were they wired?

Games such as finding signs with various letters of the alphabet from A to Z were one way of dealing with the boredom.  It was always a more difficult ride en route to Michigan rather than on coming back.  One always had to deal with anticipation especially once we entered the Manistee National Forest for our final seventy miles.  Then the scenery superseded game playing.

About ten miles past Grand Rapids, Michigan, the scenery changed from farm lands to woods and streams and lakes.  Adam napped twice on the way on this trip.  He slept for the first hour and a half and then again for the final forty miles.  In so doing he was one of the freshest kids ever once we arrived at our property for then we had to erect the tents, rake the beach, and set up our camping area. 

Always on that first night the kids were so travel weary they were ready for bed at 9 PM.  Then anticipation would take on a whole new life the following morning.  The trip to Michigan was always full of excitement while the trip hom full of stories and memories. 

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