Those Marvelous Dusty Roads

I love all the sandy roads within the Manistee National Forest and I don’t have to go to far to find one even in this day and age. Yes, the majority of the main roads are paved but who loves to go as the crow flies?  I enjoy those roadways that are rarely driven and that lead to virtually nowhere. 

Those are the roads untouched by human hands.  No construction is going on in those areas and you’ll never be plagued by “This road under construction” signs.  The down side is that your top speeds will run between thirty or forty miles an hour unless you want to put your shocks to the test?    And that could prove to be an expensive move!  Not to mention how you would get home unless you’re carrying a cell phone.  There aren’t any phone booths out in the sticks!

So take it easy and enjoy your ride out in the country.  Plus you’re get the added satisfaction of being able to clean all that sand off your car when you get home.  Isn’t life grand?

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