The Desolate Lighthouse

The Ludington Lighthouse stands its lonely vigil with no visitors today.  Its treacherous breakwater, coated in thick ice would make any travel to that point highly dangerous.  Open holes in the ice of Lake Michigan would also spray this area with even more ice making walking near impossible.  Yet despite that,  this local tourist attraction still retains its charm from shore coated in ice and snow and almost represents an ornament dangling from a tree at Christmas time.

I never cease to be amazed at this precious site.  In every season it holds us mystified at its charm and grace as the final glance at Ludington from ferry boats heading toward Wisconsin or our shining lady to those coming from that state to our Ludington port. 

Soon this locality in Ludington will again appear this way for the majority of the winter solace.  My photography will be on the safety of the Ludington shore as I also do during times of high waves.  The fog hanging over the area almost seems like a garment of warmth for the lighthouse in this season of cold.  And soon this desolate location will turn its head toward the renewal of spring.  I can’t wait!

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