Tiny’s Bait Shop

I’ve always wanted to write a post about Tiny’s Bait Shop ever since I first heard of it.  However, there was nothing significant about it on the Internet so I am most glad that Don Clodfelter took a picture of it for us.  It was something that was needed to complete our site with something it had lacked.  Plus, it is one place where people can purchase the books of Ann Louise Chase who has written extensively about the history of the greater Big Bass Lake area.

As for Tiny’s itself, outside of Ms Chase’s books and bait, what else is sold there?  Is it similar to a general store?  For those that have been there let us know by way of a comment.  Also, is it open year round?  And, is Tiny really tiny?  Inquiring minds want to know!

7 thoughts on “Tiny’s Bait Shop

  1. Tiny’s Bait shop is primarily a bait and tackle shop. Tiny also sells hunting and fishing licenses, ammo, and offers a minimal amount of outfitting for fishing, archery, and gun/rifle sports. The bait includes night crawlers, leaf worms, wax worms, leeches, crickets, minnows, and chubs. Tiny’s also offers bagged ice, grab and go snacks like chips, peanuts, and slim jims, and there is a soda machine. The store is open year round with various hours corresponding to the seasons and weather.

    Tiny himself is a very friendly man. Years ago he was a large man so the nickname Tiny was a friendly reference. Tiny has lost a great amount of weight but the name stuck. He used to have his bait shop across from the Bass lake Store and Na-Tah-Ka but move to its current location years ago. If you are looking for great bait, some tips on what’s biting on the local lakes, or looking for some advice on the area, Tiny’s Bait shop is a great place to stop. Support local businesses!


  2. Tinys bait shop is a great place to vist when you need hunting and fishing supplies. The owner Tiny, is a great Guy with a great personality. Always seems to have what you need.


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