A Tribute to the Kitchen Boys of ULBC Camp

An oft neglected group of young men at the ULBC Camp in Salem, Wisconsin, were the kitchen boys. Yet I really appreciated them during my stay as a counselor in 1970 because I enjoyed eating. The camp dining hll had great food and a fun atmosphere.  I remember the cook at the camp as a portly woman with a fondness for her staff.

The kitchen boys did dishes, cleaned up after meals, set the tables, hauled out trash, and probably did other things related to the dining hall that none of us knew at the time.  In return I often saw them at the waterfront enjoying their time off. 

While most of us began our day at 7 am, the kitchen boys began their day much earlier preparing for breakfast.  I recall that as being one of my favorite meals there.  And while the cook largely prepared the food the kitchen boys made the place look good and the atmosphere fun.  My hats are off to the many boys who have served as kitchen boys at the camp as you are most worthy of this praise.  Keep up the good work and have a great time at camp!

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