Breakwater Fireworks

If you ever want to see the equivalant of fourth of July fireworks nearly every day, trot out to the Ludington Breakwater at the very end just past the lighthouse. You might want to remember bringing a raincoat because most days you WILL need one. At this point you are just over a quarter of a mile out into Lake Michigan and when the surf hits that breakwater flumes of water cascade into the air just about as high as the lighthouse itself.

Even on fairly quiet days on the lake there are pretty good displays of aquatic power to be seen but on stormy days, only the brave, and somewhat stupid, venture out to experience those waves. I would not recommend going on the breakwater more than about a hundred feet on stormy days as that will get you wet enough. Elsewhere on BBL and Beyond I have a photograph of some nut fishing in very high surf in which he could very easily be swept over the side and into the stormy seas.

A rule to follow to be safe is that in stormy seas it is wiser and dryer to observe the fury of Lake Michigan from the shoreline.

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