Walking Our Big Bass Lake Shoreline

I enjoyed walking the tree-lined hilly shoreline from Big Bass Lake Road to about one hundred yards north of our barn.  The trees concealed much of Big Bass Lake from the very beginning as I walked northward.  I would cross our farm field and then past our orchard.  In those days, our new cottage was not yet built so I passed that location and moved just behind our old cabin.  Even closer to my position was the two room cottage which stood just above the trail that led down to our pier.

From that point northward I entered our forest which continued to lead me above our tree-lined hillside.  After about 100 yards it gave way to another field which led to the Matson’s property that my grandparents had sold to them.  All the way to that point, though, was that tree-lined hillside.  Now, sadly, much of that hillside is gone as new cottages have graded all the way down to Big Bass Lake taking many of those trees with it.

Even our new cottage was greatly concealed from boaters on Big Bass Lake by the many trees that lined that hillside.  Through our several windows in the dining room, we could make out boaters speeding by or even those that were casually fishing just below us.  They could make out the cottage but little else. 

There was even a trail from just below our new cottage all the way to Big Bass Lake Road along the shoreline of Big Bass Lake down that tree filled hillside.  I often took that back from our mailbox at Big Bass Lake Road.  It was a great walk with a fantastic view of the lake.

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