Family Outing on Big Bass Lake

The family that boats together stays together. At least on Big Bass Lake. What a way to spend a day! How about a cruise around te whole lake? Or what about dropping anchor at Sunken Island for a quick swim in three feet of water even if tis section of the lake appears to be in the middle of that lake?

Or what about cruising around each island on the lake?  You might want to eat a picnic lunch on Turtle Island.  What about checking out the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake while you’re at it as it is just east of Sunken Island. 

Maybe get out the water skis for a few laps around the lake with a family member?  Or even tubing for those a tad younger?  And, then there’s always time for a little fishing for who knows, one of you might get lucky and bring supper home with them? 

Any other ideas for a day out on the lake?

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