Stranded! Dog Gone!

Hey, who took the other end of the pier while I was sleeping? That just ain’t right. Now to get back on land I have to get wet! And that water is cold this time of year. Maybe my master will fetch me back that section of pier as this ain’t no laughing matter. I may be a sleeping dog but I don’t lie! What a revolting development this is!

Maybe this is the work of that dog next door? Just because he’s a German Shepherd he thinks he’s so smart. Of course, those fleas on me would have to abandon ship if I jumped in that cold water? I wonder if that Captain flea would be the last to go? I’m getting hungry too! My master will have one of those tasty Gainesburgers just waiting for me. I just had a bath last week so what do people want out of me?

Or maybe someone’s trying to get rid of me?  Dog gone may be just what is on their agenda?  Where are Lassie and Rin Tin Tin when you really need them?  I may never be heard from again.  You know maybe this is the work of my master?  I saw him eying that gerbal the other day.  Maybe this is his way of getting rid of me?  Well I know what I have to do now!  I’ll just catch another 100 winks and think about this again when I wake up.  Maybe this is just a bad dream because of all those Hostess Yo Yo’s I ate last night and this sure ain’t no laughing matter!  I’ll just leave a wake-up call for six o’clock tonight.  Chow!  I had to say that!

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