Another Haunted Island Loon Speaks

“I often take night flights over Haunted Island to catch a break from tiny Loon Island. This evening I got to observe a group of kids from the Hoffman Estates Boys Club take a ride out to Haunted Island and it was a hoot. From my aerial vantage point I could watch them row all the way from their wooded campsite to that island. As they approached the darkness of the island I saw their boat began shaking as if some wake from another boat had hit them only there was no other boat. The operative word that made that boat shake was FEAR!

Now what could little old me do to add to that fear?  Well, as they landed I flew directly over the trees crying out and those big babies hit the ground as if they had heard some ghostly scream.  They got up and dusted themselves off only to arrive soon thereafter at the old house in the middle of that island. 

They approached the house slowly just as I revved up my wingspan and darted over the top of that house and cried out loudly.  Those kids ran into the woods like they were on fire.  I wonder what they would have done had they seen a real ghost?  I’m glad that I chose this night to get some winged exercise.  I’ve been putting on a few pounds and the laughter I had from this night sure shed a few of them.

On their way back across Big Bass Lake I let out another cry and those kids hit the oars trying for a new speed record.  What fun!  I might do this again the next time they head out there?  Who loves ya baby?

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