This photograph was taken on the north end of the Big Island. A few times in my younger days, I took the long way around the Big Island enroute to the Big Bass Lake store but always in our motor boat. If in our rowboat, I always took the route under the bridge leading to this island as it was a much shorter distance than going all the way around the Big Island.

Going around the island offered me the chance to view each and every house on that island.  There are several inlets around that island and the houses vary in size one from the other.  I usually took this route after Labor Day or before Memorial Day.  At any other time, this stretch of the lake was more than a little busy with speedboats coming and going faster than lightning.

I didn’t get that many opportunities to visit this side of the Big Island so I really enjoyed those times.  One thing that I regret is that I never took the time to view that island from the road leading to it over the bridge.