Offseason Trips to ULBC Camp

One of the best things for the boys of the Hoffman Estates Boys Club was that they made regular off-season trips to the ULBC Camp in Salem, Wisconsin, staying in the main lodge.  The main lodge is the one with the bay windows.  In the winter, bunk beds were the order of the day in this heated building.  On this particular trip, we were there in the Spring and the lake was high due to spring rains. 

The boys and I hiked around League Lake several times during that visit and enjoyed the journey each time.  Al Mackin performed a Woodcraft Rangers Ceremony each of the two nights we were there and showed the boys some Indian ceremonies.  While there one of the inside programs was crafts. 

Al allowed us to take out two boats onto League Lake and we not only used the lake but also the lagoon where I told the boys about Swamp Man.  He was not kind enough to make an appearance that trip.  I don’t think the younger boys minded that a bit.

Saturday we cooked outdoors and made foil burgers which the boys really enjoyed.  Our trip in April was the last of that year for us as camp needed to get ready for the summer during the month of May. 

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