The Salesian Boys Club was one of the few clubs that used our farming field for some of their activities.  Being that their trip to our property was largely in a light rain we often came to this main field for some sort of sporting activity.  Soccer was a favorite as was tag with a plastic ball.  Our field was used at least three times during their time in Michigan and they released a lot of energy in those games.

Our farm field ran from Noreika Road almost to the public landing but our main area of play was just near Noreika Road which also provided the boys about a half mile hike to and from our camping site each time we opted to use the field.  Our field ran by Big Bass Lake Road and the lake itself was not visible until one was nearly to the turn east on that road. 

Eight boys made the trip from Columbus, Ohio, to our property from that boys club for a ten-day stay and it rained all but two days.  Still, since their was little lightning with that rain, the drizzle did nt dampen the kids fun one bit.