Winter on The Little Manistee River

I ttok a friend from work fishing on the Little Manistee a few weeks ago and we had a ball even though it was in the winter season. Did you know that no one else was out there that day even though the temp was in the 30’s? I caught two fish and my pal caught a cold.  I guess his worms froze to death waiting for him to catch something?

I never liked ice fishing all that much as I prefer fishing the more swift rivers in the winter that often don’t freeze over.  With ice fishing you hve to drill a hole and then sit your keester down on freezing ice or on a chair until you catch something.  There I would be catching a cold!

To be honest, I can only fish these rivers for about an hour and then my legs go to sleep on me.  I’m one that prefers standing in one location each time I go out in cold weather until I catch something.  Besides I would think that any sane fish would just love warming up inside my oven over that of freezing in the Little Manistee all winter.  So you might say that I fish to keep those fins warm in either my oven or stomach.  I wonder how my wife would view that?

3 thoughts on “Winter on The Little Manistee River

  1. Uh, you might want to check what spot you were fishing on the little man, my understanding is that the whole river is closed from January 1st through March 31st. Probably why you didn’t see anyone out there.


  2. I never knew the river had a closing date and neither did the fish which were biting. Thanks for the tip,


  3. I used Google to search for any closing dates on the Little Manistee River and found none so I would be interested in the source you used to post what you did upon its closing dates.


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