How About a Big Bass Lake Roller Skating Rink?

Since Loon Lake had its turn at providing the area with a roller rink, why not now turn to Big Bass Lake and convert the old Big Bass Lake Store area into a brand new roller rink complete with a docking area for boats?   Of course that would take more room but I am sure that some other properties on each side of the old store could be purchased?  Or even the area where the old Na-Tah-Ka stood? 

With all the summer activities found at the lake a roller skating rink could be used for evening activity.  In the winter it could be converted into a dance hall.  Big Bass Lake would be an ideal location what with the present Na-Tah-Ka in the area to provide a place to dine and it would make that entire intersection much more attractive. 

On this website many have expressed fond memories of the old roller rink that Otto Bartlett once owned so why not a new rink for new memories?  There are enough families in the area with children to support such a venture.  Maybe even a new “Fun Spot” could be added next door with a few bowling alleys for even more summer fun. 

Any thoughts on his idea?

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