Sunrise Fishing

Anywhere along our wooded beachfront property was a great place to fish for the Marion Boys Club kids. Some even took out the rowboat to fish just to the right of our beach by the swamp where they had sunk a jar of peanut butter. The fish seemed to be attracted to those oils coming from that peanut butter.

Fish always found a place on our breakfast menu for those that caught them.  After being cleaned and gutted they found their way to our frying pan.  The boys even enjoyed the times when nothing was caught as they seemed to enjoy the competition as to who would catch the biggest and most fish that morning.

Morning on our camping trips were always largely free time as we often left our property for field trips in the afternoon while night hikes dominated the evening hours.  Late morning swims were also common each day but fishing dominated the early morning hours.  Since most of us slept in due to late night hikes, a few of the boys rose early after being awakened by the Camp Martin Johnson bugle each day. 

The ones awakened usually hit th sack after breakfast while the rest of us either boated or swam till lunch.  And, even tbough this lake was called Big Bass Lake, perch were usually the catch of the day.  The boys figured that bass were caught elsewhere on the lake.  Or maybe they just didn’t care for peanut butter oils?

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