Al Mackin passed away nearly 20 years ago. I first met Al through an invitation via Jay Markle the then Executive Director of the Union League Boys Clubs of Chicago. Jay was at a meeting near O’Hara Airport in Chicago that had to do with Boys Clubs of America that I had also attended as the Executive Director of the Hoffman Estates Boys Club. Jay had actually remembered me as a counselor at his camp in Salem, Wisconsin some ten years prior to that conference.

I asked Jay if my present club could use his camp in Wisconsin and he put me in touch with Al being the Camp Director.  Our initial meeting was great and Al informed me that the camp program had gone year round and that our club could not only utilize an off-season program but also for the summer.  Elsewhere in our category of both the Hoffman Estates BCA and ULBC Camp I speak of our first encounter with Al and the ULBC Camp white bus that turned my club program around in Hoffman Estates.

Our club attended the camp nearly every month on a weekend that first year and then seven boys from our club experienced a summer of fun at that camp.  The camp was about seventy miles due north of Hoffman Estates.  Al was also gracious enough to speak at one of our Award Nights at Hoffman Estates as well as introducing our club members to the Woodcraft Rangers program.  That was added to our club program from that point forward.

I kept in touch with Al after I left Hoffman Estates and he shortly thereafter departed the Union League Boys Club for sunny California and that is where I will pick up tomorrow in Part Two.