Salesian Boys Club Camping Adventure

The Salesian Center, which housed the Salesian Boys Club in Columbus, Ohio, owned property just east of Columbus and some of the boys and I used that camp once for an outing. We stayed in a primitive cabin, complete with an outhouse, for two nights. On the first night, we played a game of Hound and the Hare where the kids hid and the two counselors, myself and an older boy called Jughead, searched for them in the woods.

Within minutes we heard a boy cry out for he had run into a electrical fence that we had not been told about on the property.  I found Scott Karasek badly shaken up and carried him back to the cabin.  He had two puncture wounds, so leaving the other boys in Jughead’s care,I headed back toward Columbus to get Scott some medical care.

I took him to Grant’s Hospital, which just happened to be right across the street from our boys club.  We had to wait for about an hour as just as we came in a gunshot victim took first priority.  Later, a nurse and doctor checked Scott out and gave him a tetanus shot. 

We then returned to camp for the completion of our two-day stay after notifying Scott’s mother.  The boys had a great time with a variety of events and so the rest of the trip went well without incident.  I’m sure that Scott will never forget that camping trip and his shocking” incident in the forest.

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