Granite Cliffs Near Shanty Falls

Shanty Falls

Just to the South of the actual area of Shanty Falls was a mile long stretch of granite walls that extended almost to the Wabash River. They were chock full of small caves and some were on the ground level while others midway up the cliffs. The kids of the Marion YMCA had several trips to this location and all were even more amazed at these cliffs than they were of Shanty Falls.

Derek loved to play amongst the boulders that were littered throughout this stretch of granite cliffs.  Mark Aldefer was more interested in the small caves themselves.  One in particular must have been the home to a family of skunks because they always had that familiar faint odor to them.  These, of course, were not explored at all.

For young boys, both Shanty Falls and these granite cliffs were enough of an attention getter to keep them busy for a full afternoon.  Most times we would bring a sack lunch to eat at the falls and then split the day between the cliffs and the area immediately around the falls.  It was a great location especially when the water at Shanty Creek was flowing full. 

If you’ve ever been to Shanty Falls, located near Wabash, Indiana, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of them.

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