No One on the Road Today

Some might say that this road is void of traffic due to it being New Year’s Day. Then again I might hazard to say that the road is clear of cars because of the dangerous snowfall that coats the road. Whatever the reason the road has become a snowmobiler’s mecca. All that fresh powder to swish through with nary a car in sight.

Or maybe the residents of the area are in their homes before a roaring fireplace getting ready to watch all those NFL games or even a bowl game or two?  Kids are probably loathing this day because school will soon again be in session unless the area gets even more snow to extend their holiday vacation. 

I might venture out in this mess to get a few supplies for watching the Lions today.  They made it to the NFL playoffs this year for te first time since 1999.  So I hope I don’t get stuck anywhere so that I miss that last regular season game.  O well, just some thoughts to share with you on this New Year’s Eve Day. 

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