A Creek Runs Through It

Although three Boys Clubs of America organizations sed our property in Michigan, only one explored the creek that cut through our land and that was the Marion Boys Club.  It was funny that the same thing never happened before or again as those boys asked to follow the course of that creek from the time it entered our property to where it left it.

The strange thing about that creek is that it began somewhere in the swamps making access near impossible.  Then for a time the stream took an underground course past the phone lines before emerging just past them.  At one point near the phone lines it was at its widest and then later on toward Big Bass Lake Road it was a mere trickle.

Several of the boys waded in the section that you find photographed here and, as most boys do, they searched under rocks and other such things in full exploration mode.  Inquiring minds just want to know so much.  Because it was so shallow at this point some kids went into the creek with their shoes on while others opted for bare feet.  One boy, Kenny Huffman, wondered why the other kids had such an interest in just a creek but then he was the oldest boy in the group and other things were on his mind. 

I often wonder why that creek was never again fully explored by other boys clubs?  Yet there were some aspects to our property that some clubs explored and others did not.  I suppose some things just don’t have an answer to them.

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