The Natually Camouflaged Four Winds Island

From late Spring to early Autumn, Four Winds Island is so naturally camouflaged that you can’t make out the buildings on it from a few hundred yards out into Big Bass Lake. What buildings are there were largely present during the days of Camp Martin Johnson when the island was an extension of their camp.

Of late, I have paid a lot of attention to its twin, Turtle Island, but Four Winds Island has its own mystique to it as well.  I am sure its name was derived from the winds circulating through its trees and coming from all four directions.  It’s at the far side of the narrows and that passageway often gets fairly good wind speeds especially out of the north.

Though I’ve never set foot on our Winds Island myself, because it is privately owned, the camp had taken many photographs of it.  Also having lived on the southwestern side of the lake, the island I was more interested in during the 1970’s and 80’s was the Haunted Island. 

The people who now own Four Winds Island have an interesting heritage to that isle as it holds so much of the history of the former camp.  Perhaps its just as well that the island is so well camouflaged the majority of the year to offer some measure of privacy to those that now own it?  The rest of us can just appreciate it as we pass it by. 

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