Bare Feet and the Pere Marquette River

On a long hike in a forest on a very hot day, the boys of the Marion Boys Club were very tied. Add to that their feet were literally steaming in their tennis shoes.  So, “Oh, what a relief it is” is not confined t Alka Seltzer as the boys shed their tennis shoes and socks and began wading in the Pere Marquette River with a collective, “Ooh”!

Then, nature takes over and splash wars begin so much more than their feet get cooled off and before you know it they are fully immersed.  Thus the only dry clothing they can look forward to is their aired out tennis shoes.  Kevin Hansel and Andrew Freshwater began the splash war and before there was time for anyone else to react, all were getting wet.  Jay Davis was next and then Keith Hansel and Eddie Crouch.  The lone young man who didn’t want to get very wet, James Freshwater, had little choice.

Fortunately there were towels to pass along and by the time we left the area, all the boys clothes were air-dried enough to return to our property in my car.  It was just another fun day at the Pere Marquette River!

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