The Pointe Tent

On this particular trip to our property, the majority of the way there, all we heard from our oldest member were the reasons why he should have been picked the Boy of the Year instead of why he lost that honor to another member.  Kenny Huffman nearly drove us all crazy due to his rantings so when the Pointe Tent was erected on the Pointe, we were all relieved to see him hold tha honor all by himself so that his complaining would come to an end. 

The first night out there by himself, late at night, I heard him still debating the point with someone.  Since he was occupying that tent by himself, naturally I wondered who had joined him.  Out of concern for his safety I made my way down shore to see who he was conversing with.  To my surprise he was complaining to a squirrel.  I often wondered if it was that same squirrel who was gave a humorous oratory about the boys on one of our trips that was done in humor?

It wasn’t until the third day of that trip that Kenny finally got that loss out of his system.  I think the rest of the boys really appreciated the Pointe Tent that trip.  It was always used for the older members to allow them a measure of privacy.  But this time it permitted the rest of us a chance to avoid Kenny’s continual rants as to why he didn’t win the Boy of the Year award.  Perhaps his attitude was one of the reasons he did not win that prize?

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