North Island View Lane Now and Then

This is what North Island View Lane appears like today and this photograph was taken from Big Bass Lake Road. What you can observe to your left are new homes where farm field and an orchard once stood. The roadway is also now paved fully. But what you can see to your left is the same farm field you will observe in my second photograph.

Each new home has a freshly paved driveway and docks on Big Bass Lake.  The closest new home to Big Bass Lake is right next to the Public Landing.  I’m not sure that was a wise place to build as the noise level from the landing can be extreme at times. 

Prior to our property being sold in 2002, the land appeared somewhat different.  The yellow garage in the distance was painted white when my grandparents owned the land and it replaced the old cabin which you can see now.

Here, the driveway is unpaved and rather primitive. It is where I found rocks to skip on Big Bass Lake when I was a young boy. The orchard, near the house, was removed when a tree disease overtook our trees.  Those trees grew apples and cherries and produced many a pie from my grandmother.

What remains in both pictures is our farm land to the left which extends all the way to Noreika Road skirting Big Bass Lake Road all the way.  Quite a difference in the two views is it not?

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