During a summer when the temperature has been in the high eighties to low nineties with a heat index near one-hundred degrees, its ever so nice to get that cool water spray in your face while tubing on Big Bass Lake. These days you almost see more tubers on the lake than water skiiers.

That could be because almost any age can enjoy an inner tube run around the lake and its five islands. A popular course is around either Haunted Island or Grandma’s Hat on the southwest and southeast portion of the lake.

Here we see a picture from Mike Eisner with a friend taking a trip about the lake-

On these hot summer days this just has to be the way to get some refreshment from the high humidity that has stricken the region. Of course for those in the boat they have to adjust themselves upon those hot metal seats which may have them longing for a trip around the lake on the tube themselves.

At any rate this sure looks like a great place to be on a hot summers day.