Winter at Big Bass Lake


Well, here is Big Bass Lake without swimmers, speed boats, water skiers, or jet skies. You might find a few snowmobiles making their way about the lake and maybe even a dog sled. Perhaps there are a few ice skaters gliding about various parts of the lake? Maybe even some that are ice fishing for the frozen catch of the day?

Big Bass Lake looks so desolate in this picture. Yet I can well imagine many a house around the lake ablaze with a warm fire in their fireplaces. Big Bass Lake has been described as an all seasons lake so does that include ice fishing? This stretch of the lake is looking from south to north.

It should be pointed out that the Haunted Island (left) now has a residen on it and this is his dock.  To your right is the Big Island and I wonder how many of the homes there are inhabited in the winter?  Anyone know?

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