Christmas at the Hoffman Estates Boys Club

During the Christmas season at the Hoffman Estates Boys Club, our library was transported into a holiday mesh of Christmas trees and lights plus decorations galore. I set up three Christmas trees each year. Aside from our traditional party, those trees stayed up and lighted through the months of January and February.

The reason why was that there always seemed to be a let down in those two cold winter months that follows Christmas. The decorations came down around New Years Day but the trees remained. The kids seemed to appreciate that as whatever activity that took place in the library, be they quiz bowls or arts and crafts, were brought forth with even more gusto and enthusiasm.

In the evening the Christmas tree lights were turned on and the library overhead lights were turned off and some kids just went into the library to sit there refreshed. It seemed to have a real atmosphere of calmness for the kids. It became a fortress of solitude so to speak.

I think the kids enjoyed those extra two months of holiday cheer as they faced the grim nature of winter outside.

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