Bacon in the Frying Pan

Late autumn camping trips are the best. When I awake and pull myself out of my tent there’s nothing better than the aroma of hot coffee and bacon frying in the pan. A few weeks ago my friend Stan and I went on a late fall camping outing in the Manistee National Forest. This year has been unusually warm so far and our weekend was just great. It did get cold in the night hours but my sleeping bag is geared to those temperatures.

Stan’s profession just happens to be a chef and can he ever prepare meals.  He put something in the bacon that enhanced its taste one-hundred-fold.  But try and get that secret out of him is impossible as he claims it is a family recipe that has been handed down for generations.  His flapjacks that day were unusually good as well.

It’s good to have a cook along with you when camping as he did all that activity for me.  I did the fishing and he cleaned and cooked them.  He enjoyed added a breaded covering over whatever I caught that made them taste A-1.  I might have to invite Stan along more often.  You know, camping should make one lose some weight but I think I gained about five pounds on that recent trip. 

Stan’s bacon literally melt in my mouth and left me wanting for more.  I looked so forward to our three breakfasts on that trip and still can envision that bacon in his frying pan to this hour.  Was it ever great!

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